Prices 2016-2017 (based on adult rates, kids ~50%)

Sector / timeCHF
Savolyeres 6 day
Verbier 6 day357
4 Valleys 6 day383

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Note that you can recharge your skipass online on the Televerbier webiste 

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If you are renting an apartment, your rental agency can buy discounted ski passes in advance - check with them to save spending time in the queue on handover day

Some background

The 4 Valleys is a huge ski region stretching from Les Masses on the left of the map (just off the edge) to Bruson on the right. In practice, it takes quite some time to traverse the region (and also to be back in time to ski back to La Tzoumaz). You can go for a pass that gives you the entire region, however most people will not get the use from it. From La Tzoumaz, normally a Verbier ski pass will be enough. If you want to go up to Mont Fort, then you can just buy a supplement for the day. 

The La Tzoumaz sector (Savoyleres)

Great skiing that usually tends to last longer than the Verbier side (the slopes are North facing). During Christmas and half-term in February, you will be grateful with the relatively empty pistes compared to Verbier. The skipass for Savoyleres gets you to the top of the mountain on the main telecabine and then down into Verbier. You would need to buy the Verbier pass to venture further

The Verbier sector

This takes in all of La Tzoumaz, but also gets you down to Verbier then up again to Lac des Vaux and even down the Chassoure run (not pisted but stunning) before you have to get back up again to Lac des Vaux. You have the choice of doing the Vallon d'Arby (apparently for advanced skiers, but when you see dad taking the 7 year-old down with him, then maybe not so extreme) another run that is not pisted that takes you all the way to La Tzoumaz. If the run is closed, do not take the risk they close them for a reason. Going back to Verbier it is necessary to go all the way to the end then catch the bus to the roundabout then you can take the lift back to La Tzoumaz. Do not miss the lift, it will be a very expensive train / taxi.

From Verbier you can also head across to Bruson which can be less crowded and a nice spot to ski when the rest of Verbier is crowded. Also, you can head up to La Chaux which is good for beginners and nice for a spot of lunch. What is not good at La Chaux is the huge queue to get back towards Verbier after lunch. A nice way to waste time in a slow moving queue...

La Tzoumaz and the Valais Region

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