Big Ben Club‚Äč

Big Ben Club

We aim to offer a bit of fun apres ski and after dinner. We stay open late, until 4am at the weekends so come and join us for a few drinks, a bit of music and maybe a game of pool or table football.

For events, you can follow us on facebook here

Our Beers

We have the following on Tap / bottle:

  • Valaysian Beer - a light lager
  • Guinness - for a guy from Belfast, it had to be there...
  • Leffe - Belgian beer, for those that like to forget the evening...
  • Hoegaarden - a great white beer
  • Grimbergen - a Belgain beer
  • Other specials - we have a selection of 12 Belgian beers from the bottle including Triple Karmelita, 

Our Cocktails

At the weekend we will do some special cocktails, take a look at the boards for details. The regular cocktails are as follows:

  • Tequila sunrise - the classic
  • Negroni - gin/campari based cocktail for our Italian friends
  • We will add to the list over the season, but bear in mind that if we do cocktails on busy nights then you wait for service at the bar! 


We stock the local wines, the key ones (with a few different options depending on what is avialable) are below:

  • Pinot Noir - red
  • Gamay - red
  • Dole - blended red
  • Fendant - a nice easy drinking white

There is a section on the wines from Valais on the website, check it out if you are not sure what you want to try. We do wines by the glass and the bottle.


Being 2016, yes we do have WiFi - BIGBEN, no password needed.